The Smart Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging Solution for Automotive Parts

As more and more online sales platforms flood the market offering almost every vehicle component available, counterfeit auto parts have rapidly increased and are one of the most lucrative avenues for illicit sellers, consistently fooling consumers with deals and near-perfect packaging. Automotive manufacturers are losing over $2 billion annually to fake tire and battery sales alone. Counterfeit auto parts – airbags, brake pads, and engine consumables like oil and air filters, and tires – may save consumers money but can overheat, catch fire, and result in serious injury or cost them their lives.

Experts for Consumer Brand Protection

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Auto Parts
Auto Parts

Why Auto Parts Brands Choose Covectra

Ensure Brand Reputation

Keeping Consumers Safe

Keep Consumers Safe

Mitigate Counterfeiting of Auto Products

Increase Sales

Increase Parts Sales

Reduce Legal Liability

Reduce Legal Liability

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