The Smart Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Solution for the Food & Beverage Industry

The food & beverage industry has a complex, fragmented supply chain with diverse materials and ingredients, is heavily regulated, and must protect from counterfeit products to protect consumer health. Food safety remains paramount for food producers, and U.S. regulators are calling on companies to maintain updated, digital data systems for tracing ingredients, vendor supplies, and inventory throughout the production process. In addition, consumers want to know what they are eating and drinking and where their food and drink is coming from. The industry must meet the increasing transparency and sustainability expectations from consumers.

Experts in Food and Beverage Brand Protection

Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage

Why Food & Beverage Brands Choose Covectra

Ensure Brand Reputation

Safer, more efficient and transparent supply chains

Keep Consumers Safe

Ensure Product Safety

Increase Sales

Mitigate Fraud

Reduce Legal Liability

Brand Protection

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