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The StellaGuard

  • Single label brand protection Single label brand protection
  • Label cannot be replicated Label cannot be replicated
  • Cost competitive vs. other smart labels Cost competitive vs. other smart labels
  • Verify product authenticity using your phone Verify product authenticity using your phone
  • For use on any product including food & beverage For use on any product including food & beverage
  • Enhanced and personalized marketing data Enhanced and personalized marketing data
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The StellaGuard Label

StellaGuard smart labels provide two layers of protection. The labels feature a serialized QR code combined with a three-dimensional holographic stars embedded in a random pattern inside the label.

StellaGuard labels are made of a high tech film incorporating holographic stars, which are distributed at varying depths, positions and orientation within the substrate. Each label has a random pattern and is impossible to replicate.

Since barcodes can easily be duplicated by counterfeiters, this new smart solution makes counterfeiting virtually impossible. This capability is critical when counterfeit goods could compromise the health and safety of consumers.

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With holographic stars in a random pattern embedded within the label.

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For connection to our AuthentiTrack serialization cloud for complete end-to-end track and trace.

Details of the StellaGuard Label Components

Tech specs

The Stella Guard Mobile App

Mobile app

How does it work?

By simply scanning the barcode, the software connects to Covectra’s cloud-based AuthentiTrack platform and verifies a product’s authenticity. It’s that simple.

The power of instant information is now in the palm of your hand:

  • Point of purchase verification
  • Verification in the secure Covectra cloud
  • Can be linked to brand promotion/loyalty programs
  • QR codes directly link to the brand owner’s site
  • No costly scanning equipment needed

Stella Guard Brand Applications


Critical information at your fingertips

The dashboard records:
  • Location of purchase
  • Consumer information
  • Track & trace capabilities
  • Successful vs. unsuccessful scans
The dashboard offers:
  • Track & trace capabilities
  • Expansion capability as required

Marketing Benefits

Enhance Your Marketing Program with the StellaGuard Smart Phone Application

Consumers have come to demand and expect a personalized experience. With captured consumer information, marketers can reap the benefits of sending more relevant and personalized messages that get results. Send personalized emails, newsletters, SMS messages and surveys to test new products or measure customer satisfaction.


marketing benefits

Stella Guard Industry Applications

A game-changing smart labeling solution to deter counterfeiters from stealing your revenue & damaging your brand reputation

industry industry applications

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